Heartbreak girl

Your name is Anna Irwin ,
Yes , your the younger sister from Ashton Irwin ,
You and the lads have been best friends since middle school ,
What if one of them starts to fall for you ?


4. Jelly or nah

Anna's POV :

"What do you wan't ? " I bit my lip so that i won't cry .

He wanders around my room and picked up a picture of us as little kids . He smiled . I was very shocked that he smiled because before he could not take his eyes of his amazing phone ....

"I didn't know that you kept this picture after so long " he said placing it back on the table .

He turned around and smiled at me. 

"What ?" 

"Anna i'm so sorry that I have been a asshole to you . Can you please forgive me ? " He said giving me puppy dog eyes.

I sigh .

"i dunno Luke "

"Pleasee ! I promise i will break up with my phone afterwards . " He said smirking .

"Fineee " I say rolling my eyes playfully at him .

"Thank you " He said while hugging me tightly . I hugged him back .

I think already two minutes have been past and Luke is still hugging me .

"Uhh Luke you can let go of me now "

"Oh , sorry " He said blushing . And he let go of me .

"Do you wanna do something later? " He asked smiling nervously at me .

"Sorry Luke my boyfriend and I have a date tonight . " I gave him a small smile .

He groaned .

Somehow he looked jealous ... 

Nahh... He probably wanted to hang out with the boys and I .


Hello again ! I hope you enjoyed this chapter 

and have a lovely day ..... or night . Whenever you read this .



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