Whats Up?


1. WOW!

Madison's POV


The irritating noise ran through my whole bedroom. I groaned and slammed my hand on the snooze button, just to try and get five more minutes of sleep. I knew that one of the maids will come in and make sure I'm up. 

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Madison Maple, and I am 16, I have brown/Black hair and hazel eyes, with patches of blue in them. My mum and dad are both big time lawyers, and are always travelling for their job, so basically its just me at home. 

I looked at the time on my iPhone 6 plus, and saw it was 6.30. Just on time, my best friend Selena walked in. "Time for your makeover!!" she screamed. You see, at the start of the year I agreed to her request to give me a makeover. She wanted t see if she could make me  as popular as she is. I told her I would try and crawl out of the nerd depths but that didn't work so it resulted in this. She got fed up with her cliche bothering me at school, yesterday, so that is why she is giving me one this morning. 



"NERD!!" "SLUT" "WASTE OF SPACE" these were only some of the names people were calling me. Jessica walked up to me, and slammed my locker shut, inches away from slamming my hand in with it. "Watch where your going whore!" she spat in my face. I opened it again, and got all my books out. I shut the locker, and walked down the hallway will my head down. I knew I wouldn't run into anybody, because they all cleared a path, obviously not wanting to touch me. "EW! Go take your STDS else where!" One girl screamed at me. "Bitch" "Whore" "Slut" "Nerd" The names kept coming as I walked to my first class. I went to go open the door to walk in, but somebody slammed into me, ramming me into the door, then Jessica grabbed the back of my head, by the hair, and bashed my head into the door. The last thing I heard was Selena screaming stop, stopping her minions, before I blacked out.



I groaned, and covered my face with the pillow. "Oh come on. You have to get up! I bought a whole heap of makeup and cloths! I mean you know this is serious when i bring my curling iron!" Selena yelled, once again. "OK, OK. I'm getting up!!" I muttered. "Go and have a shower while I heat up the curler and pic out your outfit". 

I got out of the shower and walked out in a robe, to my king sized bed wear my outfit was laid. (PICTURE) She even picked out my undergarments. I grabbed it all, and walked behind this dressing curtain thing, and put it all on, including the very high and hard to walk in shoes. I walked out, and Selena was staring at me in shock. "Wow. Even I won't ever be able to look that good!" She exclaimed. "OK, SIT!" she yelled. Calm down, I'm not a dog!" I replied, but sat down anyway. For the next hour, Selena did my hair and makeup, but when I looked in the mirror, I didn't see the Nerd Madison Maple, I saw the new Madison Maple, the real me that has been hiding under the nerd fabrication. 



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