Muser Mystery


9. Chapter 9


♥ Ariel's POV♥

   It got very late and the cops had shown up and took Loren's body into the ambulance in a body bag. Our parents were called and they were all happy we were I'll okay. The police searched Zach's entire house and found nothing. Zach and his family were scared to stay at home so my mom decided to have them stay over night. My mom drove us all to the house. Zach and his family had clothes with them in a bag. I showed Zach and his family to the guest bedroom. After they settled in both of our parents asked us to come in the living room to talk about what happened.

   Our parents were very upset with what had happened. Zach's parents were more mad than upset since Zach threw a party and thinks maybe one of his friends got mad because they weren't invited and decided to get revenge or something. 'So when did this madness happen?' My mom asked. 'It happened when we were watching a movie. We heard weird noises by the front door then when the guys and I decided to go check it out with some weapons we saw what looked like a smallish man wearing a mask. 'Smallish man?' My dad asked. 'Why didn't you confront the guy?' He asked. 'Why would we confront  man in a mask who could've been armed.' I said. 'How did Loren...die?' Zach's mom asked. Zach and I looked at echother for a second. 'She was hung.' Zach said. 'Suicide?' My dad asked. 'Suicide?!' I yelled. 'Oh my god why would it be suicide if there was some pshyco outside Zach's house trying to kill us?!' I yelled. 'Okay that's enough. You kids go to bed now. We will talk about this In the morning. 

    As I walked into my room my phone buzzed. I grabbed my phone after I changed into my pajamas. It was a strange and disturbing text message reading: 'Ariel Mario was on his way home when he realized the same guy was standing behind the neighbor's bushes watching us!!' My jaw dropped and I hurried to show my parents and Zach's parents. 




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