Muser Mystery


8. Chapter 8

♥Ari's POV♥

   I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I knew something was very wrong. I walked toward the door way and peeked out looking to see if that figure was still there. I sighed and felt my phone buzz. I hesitated to check it. 'Ari, you okay?' Ariel asked. 'Y-Yeah. I'm fine.' I grabbed my phone and checked it nervously. It was an anonymous text message saying;

​'I know your secret.'


    I felt my heart be crushed into a million pieces. 'What the actual fuck?' I thought to myself. 'What does it say?' asked Ariel. I passed her the phone and showed her the text. 'What secret?' Ariel asked. 'I don't know what secret. Honestly I don't know.' I stuttered. Ariel patted my back and went to see Zach. I followed to the living room where everyone was. I then suddenly heard a loud scream. I ran over to everyone else was. When I noticed what happened my heart sank. Loren was hung on the dining room fan. 'OH MY GOD!' I screamed. Ariel started crying her eyes out. Zach and Joey tried getting her down and Joey was yelling for Loren to wake up but she was white as a ghost. Joey place Loren down on the couch trying to get her to wake up but it was no use. 'Guys!' Zach yelled. The rest of us followed Zach to the back door. The door was wide open and muddy foot pints followed into the den. Loren was the first one down there.

     Zach was about to dial the police when all of our phones buzzed at the same time. I picked up mine and read the text message out loud. 'If you even think about calling the police I will light the house on fire and make sure you all don't escape.' It read. 'What does this guy want with us?' Mario asked as he walked over. 'I don't know.' Zach said.

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