Muser Mystery


7. Chapter 7

​♥Ariel's POV♥

  I sighed as I watched Loren and Joey walk out the room. I looked at Ari and Ari had a frown on her face. We knew they were having some relationship problems and wanted to help but Loren pushed us away. I looked at the Tv and so did Ari. We ere in about 20 minutes of the movie and only Joey came back. ''Where's Loren?" We asked. "She's in the bathroom. We just had a fight." Joey said. "Again?" I asked. He nodded looking upset. Zach patted his shoulder and we all continued to watch the movie. 

  Loren then walked back into the bedroom and sat on the bed with me and Ari instead of on the floor with Joey. I turned to her. "Is everything ok? Joey told us you guys had a fight." I  whispered. She nodded her head slowly and continued watching the movie. After 40 minutes into the movie we heard a loud noise coming from outside. Ari and I noticed it and told everyone else. Zach got up and walked toward the window. "I see nothing." He said. I became paranoid. Remembering the call Ari did when we made prank calls gave me the chills. ''What if it's that person Ari called?" I asked. "Oh come on Ariel that can't be." Joey said. ''yeah. I'm sure it's just a cat in the garbage cans outside." Mario said with a smirk. I nodded. Then we hear a noise that made us all jump. A loud bang at the front door.

   We all stayed quiet and Zach paused the movie. The girls and I looked at each other in fear. "What was that?" Ari asked. "I-I don't know." Mario said. Joey and Zach both agreed to go look. Zach grabbed two baseball bats from his closet. They walked slowly downstairs. Zach's front door had windows in it which you can see from the stairs but you couldn't see from the door who was on the stairs. Two stairs down Zach froze in fear. Joey stopped right behind him. A person about 5'6 and skinny looking with a black hood stood there motionless with a white mask. We all freaked out and ran back into the bedroom locking the door. "What the hell was that?" Joey asked as he took deep breathes. "just nothing huh?" I asked. Mario looked at me and sighed. "We need to call the cops." Ari said. "We cant. They won't do anything if he or she hasn't done anything yet." Zach says. We then heard glass shatter downstairs.


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