Muser Mystery


6. Chapter 6


  I got worried about this. I grew paranoid after the weird call Ari did. We all decided to get into our pajamas and watch a movie upstairs. The girls got dressed upstairs and the guys and I got dressed downstairs. "So, do you think Ari overreacted?" Joey asked. "Nah. She was just freaked out." Zach said as he took his shirt off. I took off my shirt and grabbed a plain white t-shirt from my string bag I got from a meet and greet. "Hey Mario. You have a thing for Ari?" Joey asked. I looked at him and stayed quiet. "Awe you do." He chuckled. "Well don't sweat it. She has eyes for someone else." He said. "Oh really? who?" Zach asked as he put his shorts on. "Some dude she told me about. I promised not to say anything.

    I sighed and grabbed my phone. My lock screen was of Ari. I felt my heart break a little and I walked upstairs. I heard Zach and Joey talking. "Who does she like?" Zach asked. "I'll tell you later." Joey said. I grew angry. I hurried upstairs and knocked on the girl's door. "Come in." Ariel said. I walked in and saw Ariel in a tanktop and shorts. Since Ariel had big breasts it showed some skin and her hair as half up half down. She also had her hair down as always. Ari wore the same thing but her short were like briefs. Loren wore shorts too and a black long t-shirt with her hair in a pony tail. I walked over and sat down next to Ariel and Ari. "What movie are we going to watch?" Ariel asked. "I'm not sure." I said. "We should watch a horror movie." Loren said. I nodded my head as I agreed. The guys came up and had a few DVDs in their hands. "The Call or The visit" Zach asked. "The call" Everyone said. "The visit sucks ass." Loren laughed. "Mhm. True." Ari and Ariel said. Zach slid the disc in and we all got comfortable. I noticed Ari and Joey talking before the movie and Loren watched them. Something about that told me Loren didn't like Ari talking to Joey. "I'll be right back." Loren said as she walked out the room. I looked at Joey and he got up and followed.






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