Muser Mystery


5. Chapter 5

☻Zach's POV☻

  I passed Ariel the phone first since she volunteered to go first. We all watched as she dialed a random number. She pressed the phone up to her ear and started giggling. Ariel laughs a lot and I thought she would give it away once the other person on the line answered. "Hello?" we all heard on the phone. "I know what you did." She said with a big smile. We all knew what she was doing. She was doing a game called "I know what you did." You would say it to every call you did and sometimes it would be funny, and sometimes it wouldn't.

   We all continued to watch Ariel. We were all able to hear the other caller on the line. "What do you mean?" the other caller asked. "I saw you and I know what you did." She said as she tried to not laugh. "Don't tell my husband!" She yelled and hung up. We all burst out with laugher. "Who's next?" Ariel asked. "Me!" Loren said. Loren dialed a number that was on her phone. She held the phone up to her ear. The caller answered right away. "Hello?" The other caller answered. "Hi sexy. What's up?" Loren said in a deep voice. "Uh, who is this?" the other caller asked. The other person on the line sounded like a dude. "Come over so I can show you a good time." Loren said in the same deep voice. "Nah..I'm into girls." He said and hung up. "Aw." Loren said. We all laughed. "Who's next?" I asked. Ari grabbed the phone. ''I'll do it." She laughed and dialed a number. She pressed the phone to her ear and waited for the answer. It took a few seconds for the caller to finally pick up. "Yes?" The other caller said in a strange deep voice. "Hi I was wondering if I can borrow a tire from your car?" Ari said in a high voice. We all held in our laugher. "What's your name kid?" The other caller asked. "I'm Jose." Ari said. "Are you sure it isn't Ari?" The caller asked. We all froze. I saw on Ari's face that she grew pale. She hung up and put the phone down. "W-What did he say?" Asked Ariel. "He knows my name." She said with a chilling voice. "He knows your name? How?" Mario asked. "Idk!" She yelled. "Let's just all calm down. I'm sure it's nothing." Joey said. ''Nothing?!'' Ari yelled at him. "Hey don't yell at him!" Loren said. "Shut the fuck up, Loren!" Ari yelled again. "I know you would react the same way if that happened to you!" She said. Loren rolled her eyes. "Let's just watch a movie and try to forget about it." Ariel said. "Yeah. Don't worry." I said. 

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