Muser Mystery


4. Chapter 4

♥Loren's POV♥

    It was very late and we all decided to have a few special drinks. I grabbed a bottle form the fridge as everyone drank their drinks and laughed together. "Hey." A voice said came from behind. I turned around to see Joey with acute smirk on his face. "Oh hey." I said. "Why aren't you with the others?" I asked as I started opening the bottle. "Just wanted to check on you." He said as he came closer and wrapped his arms around me. "Is that so?" I asked as I chuckled. 'Don't believe me?"  He asked as he kissed my neck. "I never said that." I felt his phone buzzed as he was around me. "One second babe. I gotta check this." He said. He as about to walk out the room and I stopped him. ''Hey why can't you just read it here?" I asked. "It's just private. I promise." He walked out the room checking his phone. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I sipped more of my drink and checked my phone. I put my phone in my back pocket and walked into the living room where everyone was still hearing laughing and talking. I peeked in and saw Joey talking to Ariel and Ari. "Hmm." I thought to myself. I walked over with the drink still in my hand. I sat next to Mario and Zach. "So what you guys want to do?" Zach asked. "Prank calls?" Asked Ari. "I can go for some prank calls right now." I said with a smirk.  "You guys wonna prank call?" Zach asked. Everyone else agreed. "Okay. Who's first?" Zach asked.

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