Muser Mystery


3. Chapter 3

♥Ariel's POV♥

It was Friday night. Ari was coming over to pick me up for the party. I grabbed my black crop top and my black shorts. I then did my hair. I hurried to my make up humming work by Rihanna a I put on my eye liner an lipstick. I grabbed my black strap on heels and grabbed my phone. I texted Loren and grabbed my perfume. I sprayed some on and make sure my armpits didn't smell. I heard my phone bing and I looked at it thinking it was Ari letting me know she was on her way.

Sadly it wasn't. "Hey girly♥" I read from Loren. I started typing and thinking about ho the party would be with Zach around. "Hey. Are you bringing Joey to the party tonight?" I pressed sent and looked outside. I saw Ari's mom pull up. I hurried downstairs kissing my mom goodbye. I ran outside and got into the car. "Hi Ariel." Her mom said. "Hi." I said with a smile. "Girl you ready?" Ari asked with a smile on her face." She was wearing a black crop with thin straps across her chest and white jeans. She even had her hair in multiple braids which I love so much. I always find it adorable.

   Ari's mom dropped us off and we walked up to the front door and knocked. "You ready for this?" Ari asked. I nodded my head in excitement. "Wait. What if he's with another girl??" I asked as I started to panic. "Ariel! He is not with another girl. He likes you." She said with a smile. "If you say so." I said. The door opened and there he was. Zach. He had the cutest smile on his face and all I could do was stare into his adorable eyes. "Hey you guys made it. Come inside." He said as he stood aside. We walked inside and we saw Mario talking to some boys from school. Loren and Joey were making out on the couch. lots of people were there dancing and having a good time. I walked to the table where the drinks were and I grabbed a soda. "Hey Ariel." A voice behind me said. I turned around and saw it was Mario. "Hey, what's up?" I asked. "Nothing much. So have you talked to Ari about.." I shook my head slowly before he could finish. "Oh." He said softly. ''Why don't you talk to her?" I asked. ''I-I don't know, Ariel. What if she doesn't like me?" He said as he looked at her talking to Loren and Joey. "Come on she won't bite." I chuckled. He smirked and walked over to her. I watched as he brought her aside and started talking to her. I continued drinking my soda when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw it was Zach. ''Heyy!" He said in a goofy voice. I laughed. "So you enjoying the party?" He asked. "Yeah it's great." I smiled. We talked for a while about youtube and

   After the party it was just Mario,Loren,Joey,Ari, and me. We talked and joked around for a while and decided to spend the night at Zach's house. We all called our parents and got settled in. "Hey what should we do?" Ari asked. "We should play Truth or Dare." Loren said. "That's for kids." Mario laughed. "You always ask to play it." Said Joey. We all laughed and Mario got red when he saw Ari laughing too.

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