Muser Mystery


2. Chapter 2


  I walked inside my house as I shut the door behind me. I put my purse on the table and went to the fridge. I grabbed some left over pasta and heated it up in the microwave. My phone binged and I walked toward it. It was a text message from Joey. I replied back saying "Hey babe." and put my phone down. I took the pasta out of the microwave and placed it down on the kitchen table and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. I sat down and saw another message from Joey pop up on my lock screen. "What you up to?" He asked. I replied back with "Nm.: I started eating my pasta an looked through I looked at Ariel's latest post and it showed her with blonde hair and the song Pop Style by Drake. I rolled my eyes as I kept scrolling as I saw two more with one of her and her younger brother and one of her kneeling down doing the skurt hand movement. "What's so special about her?" I thought to myself.


I walked with Zach and started talking about some girls that are cute and some that are ugly as hell. ''So how you feel about Loren?" I asked. "Loren?" Zach asked. "Hell no. Besides she's taken." He chuckled. "She has a thing for you." I said. "I really don't care. She' really annoying." He sighed. We walked to the frozen yogurt shop. When we walked in a few girls asked for a picture with us. We agreed and Zach decided to take it since he had longer arms. After we took the picture the girls left giggling at the picture. We got our yogurt and sat down. "So how about Ari, huh?" Zach asked. I looked at him in the middle of eating my yogurt. I've had a huge crush on Ari since I first saw her account. "Ask her out." Zach said. I sighed and dropped my head. "I don't think she'll like me." I said with a frown. ''Don't be stupid." He play punches my shoulder. "Alright. I'll do it at your party." I sighed with a smirk. "That's what I want to hear."

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