Muser Mystery


10. Chapter 10

☻Ari's POV☻

​   I awoke the next day to hearing the heavy rain hitting my window. I grabbed my phone to see if there were any notifications. I had a total of 20 text messages from Ariel. The first message had read: 'Ari he came to my house and went into the backyard!' I gasp and dialed her phone number. I pressed the phone up against my ear and waited for an answer. 'Hello?' Ariel answered. 'oh my god. Thank god you're okay.' I said with sweet relief. 'Yeah I couldn't sleep last night. When everyone checked around the house no one was there. My dad and Zach's dad went in the backyard with bats and they didn't find anything. It was really creepy.' She explained. 'Well atleast he didn't come back.' I said. 'Yeah but I don't want to leave the house right now.' She said. 'I don't either.' I said along with a sigh. 'I'll talk to you later, okay?' I asked. 'Sure. Bye.' She said and then she hung up.  I then got a text message. I opened iMessage and checked the message. 'Hey baby. You okay?' the message read. 'Oh hey babe. Yeah, I'm fine.' I replied. 'How are you doing?' I asked. 'I'm good. I just hope whoever that was will leave us alone.' He typed back. 'I know me too. I'm going to go take a shower. I'll text you back later.' I replied. 'Okay babe. Bye♥' He typed.


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