Muser Mystery


1. chapter 1

♥Ariel's POV♥

  I set up the lights in my room and make sure my camera is fully charged and ready. I was about to record when I hear my phone bing. I sigh and walk over to my bed where I had left my phone. "Hey girl!" A text message said on my lock screen. It was Ari. I smirk and unlock my phone. I go to my messages and reply. "Hey. I was about to record for my channel." and press send. I fix up my hair and make sure my make up is good. I hear another bing coming from my phone. I roll my eyes and reply again. "Hey can I talk to you later?" I press end and power off my phone. I kneel down on my floor and press record. "Hey guys. So today I am going to show you how to make a" I start off.

   I turn off the camera and watch it over on my computer. I start editing the filters and finish. I turn on my phone and check the messages I missed. "Ariel. I forgot to tell you there is going to be a party at Zach's house Friday night." My eyes go wide and a huge smile runs across my face. Zach has been my crush for over two years now. I've been close to him for a while now an hope he's liking me at least a little bit. I reply as fast as I could. "OMG REALLY?! I need to know the time right now." I press send. I start pacing around my room and then look at my phone. "Cmon Ari. Reply already!!" I say to myself. My  phone bings and I quickly check it. "It's at 7 pm at his house. Everyone is invited." I squeal and smile a hard as I could.

☻Ari's POV☻

  I start texting him. He's replying with seductive words. "Babe don't worry. She won't find out. I promise." He said. I sigh and start typing. "I hope you're right." I say. I lay on my bed and feel the coolness on my skin as I take off my shorts. I grab my phone and dial his number. "Can you come over, baby?" I asked. "Sure babe. I'll be over soon. I'm just leaving her house now." He said. I chuckled. "Ok. I'll get  ready for you." I smirked. I hung up and grabbed the thong and bra I had bought to impress him. 

   After 20 minutes of waiting I hear a knock on my door. I walk downstairs and peek through the curtains to see who It was. It was him. I opened the door and saw him look me over. "Damn, babe." He smirked. He walks in and closes the door behind him. He pulled me close and kissed my neck. I moaned and groaned as he threw me onto the couch and started making out with me. He slipped his hand into my undies. I moan louder as he starts rubbing me.


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