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Amanda love to bake sweet every since she was A little girl and ever since her mom die her family had to moved she has a small crush on this popular guy name Jack but she has a big competition the CPK = popular cool kids also know as Holly Raven and Aries Holly is the leader. Jack made a band call the three dragons Riven ,Emilio,Maika will Amanda or (Amy her nickname) fall in love for jack or will Heart crush Amanda dream and turn it into a nightmare and will jack like Amanda back. Btw this is a Gary x Juvia fanfiction also Jack has a Secret of his own and all so Amanda ------------This book was Created almost 2 years ago also on www.missliterati.com too copyrighted. 2016


1. Editing this book + disclaimer

OKAY THIS BOOK IS REAL OLD and it will be edited

Hey everyone. If you. Have read. This story on

www.missliterati.com then you have. Came to the right place same book author just so you. Know please don't. Copy this book all copyright is reavers also I'm on miss literati.com AND WATTPAD THIS BOOK IS ON Both Website IF I SEE THIS Book ON ANY OTHER WEBSITES OTHER THAN WATTPAD AND MISSLITERATI OR HERE MOVELLAS I NOT GOING To BE HAPPY

So enjoy this book

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