The One Good Thing.... Bad Thing

Violet Martinez has the perfect family figure..... Scratch that, her family is shit. She tries to become the one good thing out of the family, but no one notices? On top of that she gets kidnapped by a Mafia Leader, will her life get hella worse, or will she actually become the good out of this family, and love?


1. This is Family?

Violet's Pov

That moment where you can unseen things but you really can't unless something much worse enters your mind? Well this is that moment, where I'm screaming. My dad shoots out of my bed along with the bimbo using my sheets to cover her implants breasts. "What Violet?" he said a bit pissed. "You in my room, doing the dirty in my bed" emphasizing my. He sighed, "Look,I bought the house, I bought your bed, its technically mine" I put my hand up to stop him, "I pay the house bills, I bought myself a new bed last week, with my money."  I smirked knowing that I won. He motioned the slut to follow him into his bedroom. You might be thinking, HEY! Where's you mom while you dad hooking up with a bunch of hookers? Well, I'm glad you asked darlings cause, my mom is in the kitchen drinking vodka and smoking. I grabbed my sheets off my bed to wash the cum from the slut and my dad off. I went down stairs, hearing my mom yell. "Don't go in there! Don't go in there you dumb bitch!" she's probably watching a scary movie. "What scary movie are you watching?" I asked her. "Me and your father's wedding video. I died when I said yes" she answered, returning yelling to yelling at the so called scary wedding video. I put the sheets in the washer, added the amazing laundry detergent, and turned it on. Let learn more about my perfect family shall we? My sister, Megan, is a stripper, and surprisingly she hooked with dad. Don't worry, Megan is not dad's biological daughter, she was the result to a drunk sex with a stranger weeks before mom married dad. My older brother, Johnathan, owns a strip club where Megan works. My other older brother, David, is gay. At least he wasn't a mistake. Then me the youngest, I try to be the good thing that  comes from my family, but its so hard buying vodka and beer for my mom at the store. This one time an old lady was working the register. She asked me, "Are you a prostitute, hooking up with an old guy, so you need to get drunk to stay cool and low?" while scanning the bottles. I was actually thinking of become a prostitute, but then again, why would I give away my oh so delicious body away like that? Megan walked in, "Hey, is my clothes washed yet? I have work tonight" checking the drier, she pulled out black lacy thongs and a matching bra. "Ha, found them. Violet, come with me please! My client is bringing a business guy, and I need a partner. You'll earn extra cash to last us the whole summer" she looked me with pleading eyes. Remember that time when I said I would never give out my delicious body? Well I lied. "Sure why not?" she let me wear the black lacy thongs and matching thongs while she wore a purple one.


John was surprised when he saw me with Megan. "Its for the money. One time thing." I answered before he asked. Megan lead the way to her room, where to guy were sitting down drinking. The room was dark only a little light. "I brought my sister for your friend" she said. "Its a one time thing, so don't expect me here again" I said. Megan and her client are already at it. "Lets get this over with" I walked to the guy. He pulled me into a kiss. Not to strong, but not soft either. His mouth tasted of alcohol. His tongue shoving down my throat. He unhooked my bra letting it slide off my arms. He lade me down on the sofa putting me his legs. He dived for breasts, sucking on my nipple making me moan. He slid my thongs off, his hands rubbing my clit. I moaned, it felt so good, but this was wrong. Its either, do whats right an not let him fuck me for money, or let him fill my bodies pleasure. Fill my body with pleasure of course. He insert a finger and rapidly going back and forth, I moaned a bit louder, saying 'Harder' he had three fingers, in me. I arched my back, moaning. He removed his fingers, and I felt something wet. He was licking me, "ohhh" I moaned. He inserted his tongue in and out. He's eating me badly in a good way though. It stopped, and I literally whined.  He chuckled, "Don't worry I'm not finished destroying your pussy yet" he said husky sexy tone. I felt something big trying to fit in me. "Wow, your so tight" he said. But he finally manged to fit, and started thrusting in me. He picked me up and put me against the wall putting my legs on his shoulders, fucking me harder every thrust he carried. Every thrust I moaned in pleasure. I was reaching climax, and he knew. He took out his massive dick, and he started eating me again until I cummed, and he licked it up. I was breathing heavily. "That was the greatest blind sex I ever had" I said smiling. 

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