A Broken Heart Fixed

After Hayley Star broke up with Mac due to him cheating on her with someone else, she thought she would never love a guy again. But what happens if she falls in love with her best friend Albus Potter?


1. Truth or Dare

3rd point of view

"Come on, Hayley! You've been all depressed after Mac broke up with you!" Albus tried to convince her playing truth or dare with James, Lily, Rose, Hugo, Fred and Scorpius.

"No, Albus! I just want to sleep!" Hayley told him while her face was in the pillow.

"You can sleep later! Right now, you need to get up!" Albus dragged her out of bed.

"I'm up, I'm up! Now, leave." Hayley told Albus.

"Fine, be done in 20 minutes." He told Hayley seriously.

"Okay, okay." Hayley told Albus while pushing him to the door and slammed it in his face.

"What to wear? This looks fine." Hayley said while taking a T-shirt and black leggings. She walked out of her dorm and went to the common room where Albus, yRose, Scorpius, Lily, Hugo, James and Fred were.

"Now that Hayley here, we can start!" James said while clapping his hands.

"Who wants to go first?" Scorpius asked.

"I will!" James said.

"Albus, truth or dare?" James said with a grim on his face.

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