Movellas Poster #2

This is my 2nd poster entry for the 7 Years of Movellas competition.


1. #2 Poster for 7 Years of Movellas

This is my 2nd poster entry for the 7 years of Movellas competition. I have made the poster both in the regular Movellas cover 4:5 ratio, and in the ratio 2:3 which almost fits the 70 X 50 cm poster meassurement mentioned on the competition page. For this poster, I have used 16 CC0 covers from actual movellas on the site (much like in my 1st poster entry), and as the main element of this poster I have tried making it look kind of like a dictionary. I wrote 'Movellas', which lexical category I thought 'Movellas' belongs to, and my own definition of 'Movellas' and 'Movellian'. Tell me what you think about it <3


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