Do you know that sick and twisted game called Deadpool?
Well Fuckpool is the same thing but, instead of killing people for money, guys have to have sex with girls, if they are on 'the fuck-able list' of course.
Some girls are about ten dollars, others are about five hundred, it depends.
but the worst thing about all this bullshit is, I'm on the list


3. Chapter Three: Don't Cry Over Fuckboys

Chapter Three

Don't Cry Over Fuckboys


Ally's P.O.V

The next day when I go to school I notice that there is a huge line of guys to pay for Fuckpool.

I also notice that almost all the guys in our school are going to play this game. Horny mother fuckers. 

Isabella comes next to me, a worried expression on her face. "all the guys are playing" she says.

I gulp and nod. "seems like it" I say. "come on lets go see the list" I grab her hand and lead her to the pin board with the list of guys playing pinned on it.

All the fuckboys are playing, not really a surprise.

I watch as Isabella traces her finger over Michaels name that's written on the paper and  sadness washed over her.

"why does he do this?" she whispers as a tear slides down her cheek. 

I widen my eyes and pull her into the girls bathroom. "hey look at me" I say and she looks up at me. 

"didn't we make a promise to never cry over fuckboys?" I ask. she nods. 

I wipe her tears away with my thumb. "then stop crying, he isn't worth it" I whisper to her. 

she nods and takes a deep breath in. "you're right" she says as she gives me a weak smile.

I smile and take her out. "come on,  get going to class " I say. she nods. "thanks, Ally" she says as she waves and walks away. 

I turn around and bump into someone. I look up and see, Calum.

holy shit.

"sorry" I say to him. he chuckles. he reeks of smoke and cologne, but somehow it still smells sexy. "it's okay" he says. "hey, You're Ally, right?" he  asks. 

I nod. "yeah" I say. he smirks. "you're the second  girl that's worth the most money" he says. 

his sexiness suddenly disappears when he says that. 

I purse me lips. "seems so" I say gulping. "who's the first?" I ask. 

he rolls his eyes. "Bianka Woods" he says. "she's up for five hundred" 

I remember how him and that bitch Bianka used to date. they actually dated for a year, until he caught her cheating on him with Brandon Smith. He was heart broken and that was the last relationship he's ever been in, now he just sleeps around with every girl he meets. 

"good for her" I say. "it doesn't annoy you that she's worth more than you?" he asks. "to be honest,I don't even wanna be a part of this fucking game" I say. he raises an eyebrow. "I thought all the girls wanted to loose their virginity before college" he says. 

I shrug. "yeah, but not me" I say. "I should really get going to class now, bye" I say and go past him to my class. 

God, I am so not prepared for this.


So, the game is gonna start soon, I'm so excited tbh XD




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