Do you know that sick and twisted game called Deadpool?
Well Fuckpool is the same thing but, instead of killing people for money, guys have to have sex with girls, if they are on 'the fuck-able list' of course.
Some girls are about ten dollars, others are about five hundred, it depends.
but the worst thing about all this bullshit is, I'm on the list


9. Chapter Nine: Day One Complete

Chapter Nine

Day One Complete


Ally's P.O.V


I did it, I survived the first day of Fuckpool. 

To be honest, it wasn't that bad, apart from the fact that I caught two people having sex in the bathroom. 

The day went by pretty quick and it was full of surprises. 

Should I trust Luke? 

well, he quit Fuckpool, he apologised and he's acting quite nice lately.Maybe I should give him a chance. 

Whatever, I legit have better things to worry about right now, like me getting out of my very comfortable bed to go out and take my brother to football practice. 

"Ally, let's go I'm gonna be late!" He whines from downstairs. "coming!" I yell.

I lace up my shoelaces and jog downstairs. 

I look at James, my 12 year old brother. "are we good to go?" I ask. 

My mum suddenly comes rushing in. "wait! wait!" she shouts. "you we're going to forget your water bottle again" she says, smiling as she hands him his water bottle. 

"Thanks, mum" he says smiling as she kisses his temple. 

"bye mum" I say. "bye sweetie" she says to me. 

I smiles and lead James out of the house. 

the football ground isn't that far from here but my mum still wants me to walk James to football practice, even though he's 12 years old.  she's really over protective of him, she literally treats him like a baby. 

We get to the football ground and we see his mates training. "I have to go" he says. "okay bye James, I'll be right here" I say before sitting down on the bleachers. 

did I mention that Michael asked Isabella to hang out? 

well, he did. 

at first I didn't want her to go, but she kept on begging me and I gave in. But, we made a promise for no-sex. 

I look over to the other side of the ground and see the older boys playing, this is the place where the fuck boys train.

I bite my lip as I see Calum running for the ball. 

ugh god, I just can't help but notice how hot he is. 

He's sweating so much that you can see his abs through his shirt, his black curly hair is sticking to his forehead and the-

my thoughts get interrupted by the sound of a whistle. 

I snap back to reality and notice that all the older guys have their break.

I also notice that all of them are walking in my direction, probably to get some water. 

I got to think quick. 

I grab my phone and pretend to text someone, just so I wont seem like I have nothing to do,which I don't 

"hey Ally" I hear Calum's husky, breathless voice say. 

oh shit. 

"hey" I say, looking up from my screen to see him drink his water. 

holy fuck, I never seen drinking water this attractive. 

Shut the fuck up Ally! he's a fuck boy, for gods sake!

"what are you doing here?" He asks. 

"watching my little brother play" I say. looking over at James. 
"James is your brother?" he asks. 

I nod. "yeah"

"holy shit! I love that little dude" He says, grinning. 

"oh" I chuckle. 

my brother is friends with a fuck boy? 

oh god, he's gonna brainwash him!

"hey, I gotta go play, see you later" Calum winks. 

"bye" I say.

see you never bitch.

he suddenly takes his shirt off throwing it on the floor and running away to his mates. 

I feel a tingly sensation 'down there'

oh shit! I cannot get wet for a fuck boy!

I ain't letting my vagina do this to me!

I turn red and start to think about something gross, like the time I walked in on my mum chocking on my dads dick. 

okay, ugh, much better now. 


guys! you don't know how happy I am right now!

this book is 1st place on the most popular list! 

thank you guys so much! I love you all, and thank you so much for the support!










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