My Game

6 realities, 6 contestants. This is gonna be one hell of a game.


1. It just had to be me.

Where can I begin to explain? There’s a game, a game that you play against yourself. Yeah I know. Different versions of yourself, from different realities. I’m trying to make this easy to understand. I think I’m the original me, but so do the others, different personalities all of them, I wonder what their like, I’m normal with casual banter I would say. So let’s get this straight, this game, I wouldn’t say its fun, well you know I guess one of the me’s thinks it’s fun or maybe more. It’s simple, it’s an all-out free for all, yes death match, theirs 6 realities in total. There is a seven but that’s for the gods and stuff, so u know. And yeah guess what. I was put in this game. Right now I’m in a teleporter, well it takes a while, it’s more like a really fast pod. The game starts in a few minutes, so, I just wanted to write this quick story or more like information, for any other realities except form the seven that we already know about. Just hope you don’t get dragged into the game, it can get pretty brutal.

I lay down on my back tensed and exited, the sky is clear, my eyes are paralyzed, I feel them slowly going blind from the sky, so bright, my eyes are fading. I slowly raise, the heat from the air feels heavy and thick I can barely breath. Theirs buildings, abandoned buildings, nature has dominated the buildings colours, the floor has grown green spiky hair. This is a city, I can’t tell if it’s from my world or another’s it looks to similar to tell. I walk down the streets, I felt as if I was being watched by an eagle. The pressure is weighing me down. I almost forgot I’m in the game, I better take cover at some place. I wonder if one of the me’s is a good shot, or has any other skills, I’m fast and can hold my own in a fight, but I have a bad feeling about this, ugh, shit! There’s gonna be that one overpowered me. Hope he gets tag teamed, yeah, that would make this a lot easier. I think I should start with the high ground, I’ll go to the top of one of these buildings, so I can get a view of the city and just chill there for a bit so I don’t lose my sanity. I’m gonna need some weapons as well. I heard there are different types of weapons in different locations. I’m guessing the best weapons are in open spaces. Mm I could be a rebel and take them really quickly, but the question is, do I wanna get sniped? FUCK NO! This building is about 40 stories high I think, I’m damn lucky I don’t have vertigo. Theirs a lock on the door, and making Nosie by smashing the windows isn’t a good idea, wait, I see a broken window. It doesn’t seem to be that high up. I climbed up the building with ease, now, I’ll just take one of these  take one of these broken glass pieces just in case another me had the same idea, no wait, I’ll take two just to be safe. 40 stories huh. It’s gonna be a long day.

39 stories, almost there, hehe. And there we g-. My body freezes, my heart beat ascends past my sprinting steps. Right in front of me another stands. My right arm prepares itself, my grip just barley hard enough so I don’t cut my hand with the glass, my eyes target the other, ready set…. THROW!!! I throw the glass with all my power giving it a spin. (Shatter) the other me had the same idea, DAMN, I garb my other glass with both my hands, my leg muscle activate. ON YOUR MARKS GET SET RUN!!! I sprint with no regret, UHH the other me is running a swell, what! A small glass piece the other has on their hands, I don’t understand. Both running with immense speed they collide with each other, both stubble backwards into a sitting position, dropping the glass pieces. UUUHHH what it’s a she, what! I need to get to my glass piece quick. Both stand up and leap towards their pieces. I don’t get this she’s copying my moves. (Rumble) the floor beneath them is shaking (crack) the floor beneath them shatters. My arms are getting weak, my heart is trembling. I can’t hold on, I can’t pull myself up, SHIT! My arms are giving way a—uhh she’s caught me, she lifting me up “Why did you save me?” because “you remind me of me” (both laugh) names Leo. Weird, mines Leone (both laugh) if she’s just like me th—“wanna work together?” “Took the words right out of my mind, but yeah sure is it even allowed?” “Yeah three people are allowed out of the game together” why was I never told about this. “Oh yeah sure” don’t wanna look like an idiot so I’ll play along. “ so let’s get moving to the top” “ok” wow damn it was that easy, who would have thought you could work as a team in the game, she’s kind of pretty though, well then again she is me (giggles) “ what’s funny” “ nothing Was just thinking about how crazy this game is”.

“wow, is that a katana? I’ll be taking that.” 

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