The Brighter Things [For: 3 Good Things & Why]

[For: 3 Good Things & Why - Write about your 3 Good Things and Why] Every other day this month, I'm going to share three good things and the reasons why.


15. 29/05/2016

1. I'm grateful that the people behind competitions on Movellas are so generous. They take time to prepare so many different competitions in addition to prizes for each place and category. They're one of the only websites I've ever seen that are willing to purchase and ship prizes to help celebrate the talent of their community. (Sidenote: How does Movellas make money?)


2. I'm grateful that I have an older brother who was my best friend when we were growing up. He paid for my lunch on the first day of secondary school because I had a massive phobia of the canteen. He's made it clear that he'll always be around to protect me.


3. I'm grateful for the Pinterest boards of crafts that are waiting to be made, AU prompts that are on the way to being written, bucket lists that are in the process of completion, road trips that have been planned to every detail. All these things - and so much more - are kept in one place where I can share them with the rest of the world. Well, any other Pinterest users who are interested.

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