The Brighter Things

Every other day this month, I'm going to share three good things and the reasons why.


13. 25/05/2016

1. This happened a while ago (some time this month, actually... I can't remember the exact day) but I'm grateful that my favourite band - Marianas Trench - are finally coming to Europe. I'm grateful that I can see them perform in person instead of in a blurry video on YouTube.


2. This is probably cheating, but I'm just going to put more quotes in here. I'm unbelievably happy from getting tickets so I've just been sticking quotes from the lead singer (Josh Ramsay) inside of my notebooks. Here are two of the ones that mean the most to me:


You have to keep something for yourself sometimes too. And honestly the key for me is never, never write a song based on what you think someone else wants you to do; like I kinda just write the song I wanna write. You gotta write for you and as soon as you're writing for someone else's expectation, you're not really doing it for the right reasons anymore.


[About a song called 'Skin and Bones'] This is not a celebration of being sick. It's more about, I don't know, I guess if you have a problem I find that keeping it a secret makes it so much stronger. So it was my way of getting it off my chest so that it wasn't my only secret anymore.

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