The Brighter Things

Every other day this month, I'm going to share three good things and the reasons why.


11. 21/05/2016

1. I'm grateful for the belief that even when it seems like everything is going wrong in life, there is always something that's going right. I'm grateful for the idea that you owe it to yourself to find the thing that is going right and bring it to your awareness.


2. I'm grateful for the times when I've discovered a beautiful thing in an unexpected place in an unexpected moment, the times when that thing doesn't have to be documented online. I used to be so concerned about needing to get my phone out fast enough, something which completely takes away from the magic of the moment. Lately, I've learned that it is better to live my life rather than worry about documenting every second of every day.


3. I'm grateful for barbecues in the summer when all of my family - parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles - are all in one place. I'm grateful for jumping on the trampoline that we used to have in the garden with all of my younger cousins. I'm grateful for feeding my family members food that I helped to prepare.

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