The Brighter Things [For: 3 Good Things & Why]

[For: 3 Good Things & Why - Write about your 3 Good Things and Why] Every other day this month, I'm going to share three good things and the reasons why.


7. 13/05/2016

1. I'm grateful for my belongings. My clothes, my bed, my books, my desk. Everything I own has a little story, even if it's boring to the point where I just refuse to tell it. When I got it, why I got it, how I got it... Every little detail in the story makes my life a bit more complete, because each of those stories captures a moment in my life that will never come back. There are so many moments in the things that I own which I have learnt to be grateful for.


2. I'm grateful for my disappointments since they all make me stronger, whether it's something to do with school or my emotions or my art or my body. Each disappoint may hurt or sting a little but they've shown me how to overcome sadness and find happiness again.


3. In contrast to that, I'm grateful for my happiness. Happiness seems to be displayed as something that can be purchased or has to be achieved at the end of some kind of significant quest in your life. Some people don't realise that being loved by someone is to be happy. Creating art is to be happy. Taking walks alone and listening to music is to be happy. Happiness is all about how you define it, rather than following someone else's definition.

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