The Brighter Things [For: 3 Good Things & Why]

[For: 3 Good Things & Why - Write about your 3 Good Things and Why] Every other day this month, I'm going to share three good things and the reasons why.


4. 07/05/2016

1. This is a silly one, but I'm grateful for the times when I come home to fresh laundry and clean sheets after spending time away from home.


2. I'm grateful for the amount of time that I've spent with my friends recently. I may see them for hours each day, but that's due to school. It's not exactly a relaxed or fun environment. Now, I've spent a lot more of my free time during weekends with my friends and I've been feeling a lot happier.


3. I'm grateful for each passing day because it means I'm one day closer to my exams, then one day closer to finishing school, then one day closer to being able to live the life I want. I mean, I love my life, I truly do, but I can't help but that it isn't really something that belongs to me. It's a life that's been planned out my by parents and teachers until I'm eighteen and can make the important decisions on my own.

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