The Brighter Things

Every other day this month, I'm going to share three good things and the reasons why.


1. 01/05/2016

1. Today, I'm mostly grateful for my friends. I spent the entirety of yesterday at the beach with them and this morning I woke up on one of their bedroom floors, wrapped up in blankets with one of my favourite bands (purely a coincidence) playing in the background. I had a DM on Instagram from another friend who sent me a post because she thought I found find it funny. I realised that I don't have a huge amount of friends but the ones that I do have mean the world to me.


2. I'm grateful that my parents cared a lot about my reading and writing from an early age. A few hours ago, I found a folder filled with short stories that I wrote when I was in Year Two, back when I was around six or seven years old. We were always given long lists of spellings to learn and my parents encouraged me to put them into sentences - and later stories - because I found the original work too easy. I think that that is where my love for writing originated from.


3. I'm grateful for myself, mainly because I need to stop wallowing in a pit of self doubt and try to feel more confident as myself a person and stop focusing on all of the bad points. I let myself learn new things so I can grow as a person and contribute to the world. I try to be accepting and keep an open mind. I want to make a difference and create positive changes in the world as well as in myself. I'm grateful that I'm alive.

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