Movellas Poster

This is my #1 poster entry for the 7 years of Movellas competition. Tell me what you think :) *Winner for Best Poster in the Seven Years of Movellas competition*


1. 7 Years of Movellas Poster

I made a poster for the 7 years of Movellas competition, and I made it both in the regular Movellas cover 4:5 ratio, and the ratio 2:3 which almost fits the 70 X 50 cm poster size. In the background I have 16 covers of various different movellas (All the covers are made under the new CC0 rules, of course XD), and then I have three blue circles, one representing the "read" part og movellas, the next representing the "write" part of movellas, and the last representing the "share" part of movellas. In the center of those three circles I have the blue Movellas® logo, to show that the three circles from earlier combined make the Movellas community that I am so proud to be a part of.



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