Criminal Vows

After all they have been through: Finding each other in the rain, saving each other from Flippy twice, and saving the whole town from the fading curse. Lifty and Flaky finally have some quiet time. Then Flaky asks Lifty the BIG question. When, on the day of the wedding, Lifty is nowhere to be found. Everyone thinks he just skipped town, even his own brother. Flaky knows better and sets out to find him.


1. The Quiet Life

"You're g-going to lose" smiled Flaky, who stared at her boyfriend Lifty

Lifty and his brother Shifty were standing before the red-haired girl in identical clothing. A new game the twins had come up with was to see if she could distinguish the twins apart, as no one in the whole town besides the brothers could. Flaky however had her own way of figuring it out. She slowly walked over to one of the twins and stared into his eyes. The twin stared right back and they locked eyes for a brief moment before she smiled and said, "This is Shifty". Lifty let out a breath and sat down, "How do you always figure out it's not me?"

Flaky gave him a small smile, "Easy, w-when you look me in t-the eyes, I always end up l-looking away"

Lifty chuckled, "You always say that", who suddenly grabbed the girl by the waist and spun her around in a hug, causing her to laugh. Shifty grinned at the couple and said to his brother, "I'm going to head out, nice seeing you, brother and you too, Flaky" and exited the house. Lifty put Flaky down and sighed, "Well what now?"

Flaky shrugged, "I d-don't know"

Lifty chuckled at her and she stared at him, puzzled, "What's so funny?"

"We've been together for almost 4 years, and have gone through so much crazy shit, yet when you talk to me you still stutter" grinned Lifty

Flaky's face turned a bright pink and she muttered, "I-I know"

"But at least we've finally got some quiet time without Flippy trying to kill me or curses fading and me dying happening, right?" smiled Lifty

"Y-yeah, right" said Flaky

A knock on the door sounded, interrupting the couple's conversation. Lifty sighed, groaning getting up and limped over to the door. He had been in a car accident thanks to Fliqpy and it cost him his left leg, which had now nearly lost all of it's feeling except for the sharp pain it sent up his leg and body when he moved. Lifty ignored the pain and opened the door, revealing Flippy, an army veteran who, in the past, had unfortunately tried to kill him on several occasions. The thief and the war veteran soon settled their differences and become good friends despite their history.

"Hey, soldier boy, nice of you to drop by" grinned Lifty, using his nickname for the war veteran

"Good to see you too, Lifty" chuckled Flippy, "But I'm not here to exchange insults, we need to talk"

Lifty nodded as the two shook hands and went to sit down on the living room couch. Flaky smiled nervously at Flippy. She had always been nervous around him, as she had had a crush on him before dating Lifty. Flippy's smile faded into a serious face as he faced Lifty, "There's been a declaration of war"

"What? Who declared war?" Lifty asked, puzzled

"General Tiger" stated Flippy

A chill ran down the spines of all three as the general's name was spoken. General Tiger was an evil man who, during the W.A.R., killed millions of people. Flippy and his team went to kill him, but everything went to hell and his team was killed. Fliqpy awoke though and slaughtered the general and his troops.

"That's impossible" whispered Lifty

Flippy shook his head sadly, "Unfortunately, it was possible. He came back just we did and now wants revenge."

"Why are y-you telling u-us this?" Flaky asked, dreading his answer

"I'm going back to fight" Flippy sighed, running his hands through his hair

Lifty growled in anger and suddenly lashed out at the wall, causing a fist indent to appear in the wall, accompanied with a loud thud, "This is bullshit!"

"We c-can't lose you, w-we barely got y-you back since the first war and what if this time you don't come back, but...he does?" said Flaky

Fliqpy was the evil alternate personality of Flippy. When he was triggered, usually due to war-related sounds or blood, he would murder everyone around him and was usually unstoppable. Flippy had tried to get rid of him multiple times, even seeking psychiatric help, but he would just come back. Nowadays, Fliqpy rarely came out and was somewhat dormant inside Flippy's mind.

"I'm sorry, Flakes, but I have to go" Flippy got up and hugged his long time friend and then shook hands again with Lifty, "I leave tomorrow, I just wanted to say goodbye and I'll hopefully be back".

Flippy then smiled sadly at his two closet friends and walked out of the house, back to his car. Hopefully not for the final time. Lifty walked him go and sighed, chuckling sadly, "So much for the quiet life, huh?"

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