Criminal Vows

After all they have been through: Finding each other in the rain, saving each other from Flippy twice, and saving the whole town from the fading curse. Lifty and Flaky finally have some quiet time. Then Flaky asks Lifty the BIG question. When, on the day of the wedding, Lifty is nowhere to be found. Everyone thinks he just skipped town, even his own brother. Flaky knows better and sets out to find him.


2. Death On The Cross

Lifty was awoke to his phone ringing, not evening opening his eyes he grabbed it off his nightstand and pressed answer, "Hello?", he mumbled

"Hey, you asleep?" It was his brother, Shifty

"No, I'm skydiving in space" said Lifty

"Well, ain't someone an comedian" chuckled Shifty, "Anyway you okay?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" asked Lifty, rubbing the sleep from his eyes

"Flippy" stated Shifty

"Yeah I know, he told Flaky and I that he was leaving for the war" Lifty sighed, wanting to go back to sleep

"When did he say that?" questioned Shifty

"About two...three weeks ago, I don't know" yawned Lifty, "Anything else you wanted to tell me?"

"Nope, see you brother" chuckled Shifty, and hung up

Lifty put his phone down and tried to get back to sleep, after the few first minutes were unsuccessful. He sighed and rolled out of bed. Getting dressed and walking into the dining room, he found out that Flaky was no where to be found. A note taped to the refrigerator written by the red-haired girl read that she had go out with a couple friends for a little while and wouldn't be back until 12:00. Lifty grinned, "The whole morning to myself, what should I do first". The grin left his face as he realized something: He had no idea what to do. Sighing, he sat around bored when he heard a car pull up into the drive way.

Puzzled, he walked out into the driveway to see who it was and groaned in annoyance. It was the sugar freak, Nutty, who had come to visit. Nutty giggled uncontrollably as he made his way over to the thief.

"Hiya Lifty" Nutty giggled

"Hello Nutty" Lifty spoke through gritted teeth

Lifty and Nutty's relationship was a strained one. They rarely hung out as the two were complete opposites. When the one time they did hang out along with Flaky, it end badly as Lifty threw his shoe at the sugar freak, which caused him to fall flat on his face. He left soon after, but now he was back to annoy him some more.

"How are you?" smiled Nutty

"I was great until you showed up", he wanted to say that, but instead spoke, "I'm fine"

"Want to hang out/?" said Nutty

"Now's not a good time" said Lifty

"Aw, okay, bye!" Nutty soon left, giggling all the way to his car and drove off

"Hyperactive idiot" muttered Lifty, walking back into the house and slamming the door closed. He sighed, realizing that anyone's company, even Nutty, would have been nice. He flicked on the television, clicking through multiple channels until a news story caught his attention, turning up the volume.

"And back to the news story that has shocked the nation. Earlier this month, the leader of the terrorist group, General Tiger waged declared war after nearly 10 years after his supposed death. Soldiers from everywhere have been trying to stop him. One almost did, but was captured and executed on live television. We are about to show that footage and viewer discretion is advised."

The footage was rather grainy and poor quality, but Lifty could make out a person who appeared to be brutally nailed to a cross, like some sick Jesus reenactment. The person appeared to be alive, groaning in pain softly. Then General Tiger came into the view of the camera and walked up to the man, cupping his face with his hands and spoke, "Tell the world you name, son"

The man tried desperately to pull his face away from the General's iron grip, but flattered as he was too weak so he just spoke, his voice barely a whisper, "F...F-Flippy"

Lifty gasped and whispered, "That son of a bitch...."

"Flippy, would you like to tell the world anything before your death" General Tiger chuckled evilly

Flippy, life fading before the world's eyes, spoke "Remember what me"

General Tiger chuckled again, "How noble, now....burn him"

The troops doused the young soldier and the cross in gasoline, lighting a match, General Tiger smiled evilly and whispered, "Goodbye, Flippy". He dropped the match and Flippy ignited, he began to scream in pure agony as he slowly burnt to death, his screams seemingly never-ending as the fire engulfed him. Then he went quiet and his head slumped. Flippy was gone...

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