Criminal Vows

After all they have been through: Finding each other in the rain, saving each other from Flippy twice, and saving the whole town from the fading curse. Lifty and Flaky finally have some quiet time. Then Flaky asks Lifty the BIG question. When, on the day of the wedding, Lifty is nowhere to be found. Everyone thinks he just skipped town, even his own brother. Flaky knows better and sets out to find him.


3. Broken By Loss

Lifty couldn't believe his eyes. Just like that, Flippy was gone. Gone for good. There was no resurrecting curse where the war was going on for obvious reasons. Lifty fell into his knees and stared at Flippy's burning corpse on the television and screamed at the ceiling, at the sky. His screams were those of anger, sadness, bitter tears streamed down his face as his body shook. Lifty took a few deep breaths, wiping the tears from his face and got up, dialing Flaky's phone number on his phone.

Flaky's cherry voice sounded as she answered, "L_Lifty, I was just c-coming home, what d-do you-"

Flaky's question was cut short by Lifty's broken voice, "Flippy's dead"

Lifty heard a thud, meaning the phone had fallen from Flaky's grasp and hit the ground. Shuffling was heard as she picked it back up and answered in a shaky voice, "W-What...".

"Come home and I'll explain" sighed Lifty, who hung up the phone before she had time to answer

A few moments later, Flaky walked into the living room, sat down next to Lifty, waiting for him to speak. He looked at her with red, teary eyes and spoke, voice cracking, "I was flipping through television channels and saw a news report about the war caught my attention. Then the video started. Flippy was nailed to a cross, his face bloodied and bruised. Then General Tiger came into view and talked to him for a little bit before", Lifty took another shaky breath, "Before he told his men to burn Flippy. His screams still are in my head, he was screaming like someone was slowly gutting him. His screams were laced with sadness as well as pain...I'll never forget those screams...ever".

Lifty broke down again, heaving sobs racked his body as he shook. Flaky embraced him as she sobbed too. They sat there in each others arms, crying for their friend, Never to return.


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