Criminal Vows

After all they have been through: Finding each other in the rain, saving each other from Flippy twice, and saving the whole town from the fading curse. Lifty and Flaky finally have some quiet time. Then Flaky asks Lifty the BIG question. When, on the day of the wedding, Lifty is nowhere to be found. Everyone thinks he just skipped town, even his own brother. Flaky knows better and sets out to find him.


4. Anger And Apologizing

"It's not my fault, we needed the money!" yelled Lifty

"Just because we need money, doesn't mean you can steal from our friends!" exclaimed Flaky

It had been nearly a month since the death of Flippy. It has shaken the town down to it's core and had funeral for the fallen soldier. His death had shaken Lifty the most, being the first one to see it, live on the television before anyone else. Flippy's passing has taken a toll on both Lifty and Flaky, which cause them to fight constantly in the month that followed.

"And another thing, I'm tired of coming home to you half-drunk with alcohol bottles strew everywhere" yelled Flaky, who was red in the face with anger

Both had coped with his death in different ways: Lifty had started drinking and resume stealing things with his brother, much to the dismay of Flaky. Flaky's coping mechanism was to rarely leave the house and stay shut in her bedroom for hours on end.

"Well at least I leave the house instead of sulking in my fucking bedroom the whole day" screamed Lifty

They both argued like this everyday until both of them were red in face, exhausted, and their voices were hoarse. They then retreated into separate bedrooms, slamming the doors as hard as they could. Then after they both thought the other went to bed, they broke down sobbing in anger and depression. But they both could hear each other, but never seemed to make any effort to apologize and comfort the other. 


The next morning after their 4th fight this week, they both decided they had enough of the constant hostility between them. So they sat down and talked, without yelling, about their problems around Flippy's death. Lifty took a few deep breathes and began talking.

"Look, I know we're both really shaken up about Flippy's death. I'm sorry I've yelled at you, started drinking, and went back to stealing. I just need something to take my mind of all the crazy shit that's been going on these past few weeks." Lifty took Flaky's hands in his as he spoke, he stopped talking then and waited for her to speak.

Flaky sighed, "I'm sorry too, I guess Flippy's death toke a big toll on me and I felt like it was my fault, so instead of talking to you, I shut myself in my room and I'm really sorry for that"

Lifty smiled for the first time in over a month and he reached out and embraced her, "I love you, you know that?"

"I love you too" smiled Flaky, embracing him back.

They stayed like that for quite a while, both not wanting to let go of each other. So they didn't.


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