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The title says it all..



Luke: It had been one month since Luke had broken up with you, and you were juts starting to move on. You see, the first few weeks you spent crying and thinking all you could have done wrong. Then, you went through the hate phase; who did he think he was to leave you like that? But, finally, you were going through acceptance. It took awhile, but things were finally starting to get better for you. That's why you went up to him when you saw him at the grocery store. "Luke? Hi," you smiled. "Hey, (Y/N)! It's been awhile, how are you?", he awkwardly asked. "Ah, I'm fine. How about you?". "I'm great. Just buying some stuff for the house, living with the guys is tough...", you smiled, remembering all the moments you had together. "Yeah, I remember", you smiled sadly. "I gotta get going, but it was nice to see you", he smiled, leaving you alone. It's not like you were expecting him to say he was still in love with you and wanted you back, but still, he could have been nicer. 

Ashton: The next morning you were at his door, waiting for him to answer it so you could end things faster. "Hey," he said, looking down. "Hi," you answered, trying to avoid his eyes as well. "I'm just going to get my stuff and then I'll leave", you said, trying to sound casual. "Oh, yeah, sure", he said, moving out of the way so you could walk into the house. "I'm really sorry we had to end things like this," he said as he watched you pack. "It's okay", you replied, "I mean, love grows and love fades". "Yeah," he sighed, "I just don't want us to be that couple that hates each other. We can still be friends, right?". "You know what?", you stood up, "No, we can't. I don't think I'll be able to get over you if I'm still seeing you; you need to give me some time. And I'll just finish packing my things another day, okay? I just gotta go. Bye, Ashton", and with that, you left the house. Instead of carrying your things, you were carrying all the memories of a broken relationship. 

Michael: Your break up with Michael wasn't exactly the prettiest thing ever, and you were taking your time to get over it. But running into his friends a week after it wasn't exactly something you were really happy about. You tried to go by unnoticed, but that didn't work. "(Y/N)?", you heard Calum's voice, "Guys, it's (Y/N)!", he said again, now 100% sure it was you. "Hey (Y/N)!", they said in union as you sighed and turned around, faking a smile and praying Michael wasn't with them. "Hey, guys! What's up?", you asked, walking closer to them. "Not much actually, just the same stuff as usual," Ashton said shrugging. "How's tour?", you attempted to make a conversation, hoping they wouldn't talk about Michael. "It's amazing!", Luke exclaimed. "Yeah, we're just here with Michael to get some stuff, and then we're going to practice", Calum said. "Oh", you commented at the mention of Michael's name. "I know you guys broke up, but we'd still like to see you, (Y/N)!", Ashton said and the other boys agreed. "Yeah, I'd still like to see you guys, it's just that I need some time to get over him...", you trailed off and they nodded. "It's okay, just please don't forget about us!", they pouted. "Never," you chuckled, and another voice joined the conversation. "Hey guys-", Michael began, being cut off by Ashton. "Look who we found, Michael!". "Oh, hey (Y/N)", he said, looking up from the product he was holding. "Hey, Michael", you replied, leaving some awkward silence afterwards. "You know what guys? I should get going, but it was nice to see you", you said, leaving the store as fast as you could. 

Calum: A few weeks had gone by and you decided it was time to go get your stuff back. You didn't want to go the day after, 'cause that day was reserved to crying. So you waited 'till you were more stable to do what you were doing now. "Hey, (Y/N)", he said, smiling warmly, and, for once, you felt like it was all a nightmare and he still wanted you; but it wasn't. "Hey, Cal", you tensed up realizing you had used his nickname, "Lum, Calum", you tried to save it but he just gave you a pitiful smile. "So, you're here to pick your things up?", he asked, even though he already knew the answer. "Yeah", you smiled weakly, trying to make things the less awkward possible. "I tried to make things easier for you and kind of packed it all, so you just have to take it all," he tried to smile, but failed. "Oh, thanks," you gave him a small smile picking up the first box and taking it to your car. This was it; the beginning of the end.

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