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Luke: "Where are you going?", Luke asked once he woke up, seeing you putting the same clothes as yesterday back on. "To my house", you replied, sitting down on the bed to put your shoes on. "Why?", he pouted. "Because", you kissed his forehead, "I have to get a shower and get changed". "You can do that here", Luke insisted, grabbing your hand and not letting it go. "Luke, I don't have any clothes here", you sighed. "Wear mine!", he stubbornly said. "As if that would work out!", you chuckled, "You're a giant". "I don't want you to leave!", Luke ignored your comment about his height, returning to annoy you. "I don't want to leave either", you said, "But I have to". "Promise you'll come back once you're done showering?". "Yes", you giggled, pecking his lips. "You could always bring some clothes with you", Luke suggested, "And a hairbrush". "Yeah -", you were interrupted by Luke trailing off with a list of things you could bring back to his place. "And some food, and furniture, and pictures you like. You know, just the essential". "The essential for what exactly?!", you joked, laughing at his nonsense list. "To move in with me", Luke said. "Are you kidding?", you were unable to contain a smile. "(Y/N), will you move in with me?", he properly asked. "Yes", you smiled. 

Ashton: "Hey, babe", Ashton said, walking over to where you sat watching TV on his apartment. "Hi", you pecked his lips, "How was it at the studio?". "Tiring", he sat down next to you, laying his head on your shoulder. "But a good tiring?", you asked. "Yeah, we wrote four more songs", Ashton smiled against your neck, leaving a kiss here and there. "Wow, that's awesome!", you exclaimed, taking his head form your shoulder and kissing his cheek. "Yeah", he smiled, "Wait, what's that?", he looked behind your shoulder. "What's what?", you followed his gaze to a pile of books you had brought from your place, "What? That?". "Yeah", he said, "I don't remember buying those". "Ah, those are mine", you explained embarrassed, "You know, I brought a book over with me every once in a while when I came here and just left it here 'till I had finished reading. Well, whenever I finished reading it, I left it somewhere and bring another one. I was just collecting them to take them back to my place". "No", Ashton affirmed, "Don't do that". "Why?", you asked confused. "Because I like it here. I like it when you bring your stuff here", he shrugged. "So you like having girly things in your house?", you questioned. "Well, I like having your girly things", he smirked, holding your waist and sitting you on his lap. "Well, then I might bring more things over then", you played along. "You should just move in with me already", Ashton said. "Yeah, I should", there was silence for awhile, none of you quite sure whether the other was being serious or just joking. "You should really move in with me, you know", Ashton commented, more seriously now to make sure there wouldn't be misunderstandings. "Yeah, I should", you replied. 

Michael: It started as him asking you to take care of his house while he was on your - as if his house was a pet. He gave you a spare key and told you to bring your stuff there and stay as long as you'd like. You did as he told, bringing the essential to spend some months there. Curiously, you started to spend more time on his apartment than on yours. So much that, by the time you went to pick Michael up from tour, you were worried he would find it weird that you were pretty much living at his place. "So, how's the house?", he asked, referring to it once again as if it was a pet. "It's good", you replied. "Did you take good care of it?", he smiled. "Yeah, I did. It's a really nice house", you smiled. "So, do you think you could bear staying more time there if I was too?", he looked at you, eyes filled with hope. "What do you mean with that?", your heart was almost jumping out of your chest - you just needed a confirmation. "Well, I mean, I want to know if you think you would be able to, like, live with me. Or if you would just go mad", he shrugged. "Michael, I'm already mad", you said, "Madly in love with you". "Ouch", he commented, "That was cheesy". "Shut up, I just said I'd move in with you", you tap him on the shoulder lightly. "I guess we should stop my your place first to get your stuff, then". 

Calum: "So, which place are we going to today?", you asked Calum after your night out with the boys. For about two months now, there hadn't been a night where you didn't sleep next to each other. The thing was that you alternated between him staying over at yours, and you staying over at his. "I don't know, it doesn't really make a difference", Calum shrugged. "Well, we have to decide so we can start walking somewhere", you said. "Yeah, I guess", he sighed. "Cal, what's wrong?", you turned to face him, cupping his cheek and looking tenderly in his eyes. "I'm just a little tired, you know? It's either my place or yours and, whichever one we chose, the next morning one of us will always have to go back to their place. I just wish we could have our own apartment that we bought with our money, and we share the bills, and we take care of it", he said, wrapping his arms around your waist. "So you want to live with me?", you asked, biting your lip to repress a smile. "Yes, (Y/N)", he smiled, leaning down to kiss your lips. "We can start looking at some places tomorrow," you suggested, "But we still have to chose a place to sleep at tonight". "We can stay at mine", he laughed, taking your hand and walking with you. "So", you started, "For how long have you been wanting to live with me?". "Since the first night we slept together and I knew what waking up next to you was like", he said, separating your hands to wrap an arm around you, "And I kept that wish back 'till I felt you wanted it too. I haven't had one doubt about it since that day - even when I found out you snore". "I don't snore!", you exclaimed, breaking out from his embrace. "Sure you don't, babe", he laughed, hugging you from behind and feeling you relax, "Sure you don't".

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