The City I Can't Escape

This is the city I can't escape.
No matter what I do.
I am left here in the rubble.
Of a city once new.


1. My City.

My city is controlled by cruel, contradictory laws. 

Laws that stop me, laws that hurt and hurt and hurt.

My city is made of dry skin and fat and ugly colour and pimples. 

And the government play the game.

Who can break down the walls the quickest?

The person inside the city does not enjoy this game.

Who would?

I have gone through phases of being proud of my city.

My city that flourishes when around other cities, my city that is loved by many others.

But I know this is a lie.

Because my city is dirty and disgusting and mean and selfish.

And I cannot escape.

My city is big and fat and full of hate.

And I cannot escape.

My city is my body and my heart is the population.

And I cannot escape.

My city is controlled by those who think they know me better than I do.

And I cannot escape.

I hope one day I can be happy in my city.

Because I cannot escape my city. 


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