A Day in the life of Carson

Moving Thousands of miles away from your old life sucks. Well try doing that and getting a new family, despite the perks read about the struggles that Carson goes through.


1. Moving day

Three words, that was all it took to make me pissed. I knew my dad had a girlfriend and I knew she had kids of her own but I never thought that my dad would say thouse three cursed words

"We are moving." I mean I could deal with the diners and the being nice but I had a life here and all of us, including her  children were moving out of state to start a new life.

We were moving to California, which wasn't bad because there is a lot to do, but aparently we will be staying in some castle of a house. I hated having to move so far, because my life was in New York.

"Dad I have a life here, friend, things that I do here." I said in the car.

"Yes but you can make new friends and have a new life, with our new family. Car, please keep an open mind for me." He said with pleading eyes.

"Ugh I will try, but I am not going to like it." I said and I turned a bit in my seat putting in my headphones, 7 years by Lukas Graham was playing. I didn't know much about my new family, just that there was a son who was 17 and another that was 15 and a daughter who was 6. I had just turned 16 so I would be a middle child. I soon fell asleep in the passenger seat thinking about what I was getting into.

Soon I woke up to my dad shaking me awake, "I still don't see why you fell asleep it was like and hour drive to the airport."

"I like sleep and seeing it is 3 am I deserve it." I said sarcastically to my dad. he was a good guy, but he didn't understand I need my sleep. He told me a week ago that my new mom and her family had already flown down and checked out the house, It was three stories and it also had alot of different rooms, apparently they left me the whole entire third floor.

We were at the airport so we could fly there, we got through the security surprisingly quick. Once we were boarded I got comfortable and drifted off to sleep again.

Just over eight hours later we landed and grabbed our stuff before getting off the plane. I met my dad by the door and we silently walked where Kathrine, my new mom, was waiting for us. We got into the car and awkwardly drove to the house. When we got there I was mesmerized by how big it was. It was cream colored and I could slightly see a pool from the car. I looked at the third floor and my mouth fell open apparently it was all open and basically just A giant bedroom with a full bathroom and a huge closet.

"How do you like it Carson?" Kathrine asked.

"Wow, I was not expecting that but I want to go rearrange my room,

"Oh the colors scheme is different from your old room so I took the liberty of buying you knew things, I hope you don't mind, My oldest son took a look at them and they were damaged from the idiots of movers.

"What do you mean damaged, Some of those were my moms!" I yelled, I didn't even let her explain. I ran into the house and up the stairs. When I got to the ladder that led to my room I tore up it and looked into my room. It was all wrong, the layout was terrible and some of my old furniture that belonged to my mother was held up in a corner.

"Sweetie!" my dad yelled. "Kathrine told me she got all of your mother's furniture fixed, don't worry.

"Yes and Carson the rest are on the way from the shop today and your animals are in Ashton's room he is picking up your stuff and then you can move them into your room" Kathrine said. I was sitting in the trap door calming down. 

Thanks but I need to move stuff around before they come in here." I yelled back down. I started by taking all the stuff off of the dressers and putting them in the closet floor. After about ten minutes I had put everything safely away. I started pushing around the furniture. After a while I had finished and had a  place for everything. Ashton also brought my stuff up to me too, but not my pets. We were going to move them later because some one would need to old them and we would need to take apart the tanks. 

"Carson, come down to eat." My dad yelled. I jumped down the hole in my floor. I had a dumbwaiter but I was going to wait and clean that before I rode in it. I sat of the hand rail to the stairs and slid down. Once at the bottom I ran in the direction that I thought was the kitchen. When I got there I was there was a place set for me so I went and sat down. 

"So when do I start school?" I asked. 

"We were going to wait and send you Monday, that way you wouldn't have to start in the middle of the week." Katherine said. I nodded and turned to Ashton. 

"Do you think after diner I can move my babies, I miss them alot." I said. Ashton smiled.

"Yeah, some of my friends are coming over and they can help us move them." 

"Okay." I said and I was silent the rest of diner. When I was finished I picked up after my self and sat back down. 

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