Soul Eater - A Crona Gorgon Tale

Hey guys!
New to Movellas.. so in other words.. no idea what I'm doing! *frowns*

So I decided to publish this story!


Here it is, A Crona Gorgon Tale,
Crona is helplessly in love, will his secret spill? Will he keep it to himself? Will things take a twist?

Tell me what you think!



3. Chapter Three

"It's Soul's birthday this Saturday! Are you going to come?" She said with a smile across her face as she removed her hand from my shoulder. I was instantly filled with happiness but a slight bit of frustration hit me, Blair and all the other hot girls will be there and Soul won't even take a second look at me! Fear ran through me like the water in a river, I began to sweat under my clothes and panicked.

"Y-yeah of course!" I said with a sigh. I felt the cluster of thoughts rush out of my head as Maka hugged me. She's so warm and comforting, she smells like vanilla ice cream all day long. I wrap my small arms around her body, gripping her tightly.

"I'm glad you'll make it! Bring a bathing suit too." She said, walking away after giving a wink. A bathing suit party? Really?! I'm not sure if I want to go anymore.

I approach the door and knock lightly, unexpectedly BlackStar jumped out at me.

"CRONA'S HERE!!" He yelled louder than a smoke alarms ring. I was startled and dropped my stuff as a picture of shirtless Soul a fell out of my bag, I retrieved it quickly hoping BlackStar didn't notice. I tugged at the collar of my shirt, as Maka walked towards the door.

"Come on Crona, are you going to stand out here all day?!" Her small voice barely reaching my ears. She pulled me through the doorway, towards the living room. Everyone was getting ready to go swimming, a panic of fear hit me. Should I turn around? Should I go home? Before I knew it I was pulled in by BlackStar.

"C'mon dooood! Let's go or we'll throw you in like that!" BlackStar stated with truth in his eyes. I stuttered as the words couldn't come through my mouth, it's like I was suffocating, "Y-yeah, I-I will g-go and c-ch-ange." I bailed towards the washroom and felt the rush of embarrassment. Why can't I just be cool like all the other guys.

Everyone was already in the pool swimming, as I was getting ready to put my shorts on. I heard foot steps around the hallway but I figured they were getting something.

At this moment, the doorknob twisted and the door flew open before I could cover myself, it was Soul.. the Soul Evans. He looked away embarrassed to see me like this, so I rushed my shorts on. He apologized and said he needed a bandaid, his finger was bleeding. I bent down to get one and before I knew it, he shut the door.

"Do you like me?" he asked in a stern tone. I froze, what should I say? What do I do?

"I-I-.." I couldn't grasp the words ready to leave the tip of my tongue, it's like I was thrown into cold water and was in shock.

Before I could take my fifth breath, my lips were amongst his. In that two seconds I was overthinking, he had time to smash his lips against mine. They were soft and warm, soothing and sweet, is this really happening?

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