A Large Amount of Gratitude (3 Good Things)

So I’d like to share a ever growing list of fundamental things that I feel grateful for. I usually only reflect on one or a few of these things when I need to but I thought a list like this one could be helpful both for you and for me. And maybe not every item on this list works in your life, then take what works from here and create and add to put together your own list.


12. The Twelve Day

34. For having that rush in the morning.

Its knowledge that you are alive and capable of doing the things you wouldn’t have dared to think of in such a short amount of time.

35. For a cool shower.

Providing that refreshing fifteen minutes after a warm day, and getting rid of the gross sticky feeling you have even if you aren’t sweating.

36. Coconut Scrub.

For that smell that puts a smile on your face and makes you feel just that bit happier in your own skin. Sniffing yourself in public seems less obvious and less strange when it’s this too.


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