A Large Amount of Gratitude (3 Good Things)

So I’d like to share a ever growing list of fundamental things that I feel grateful for. I usually only reflect on one or a few of these things when I need to but I thought a list like this one could be helpful both for you and for me. And maybe not every item on this list works in your life, then take what works from here and create and add to put together your own list.


14. The Fourteenth Day

40. For long walks.

Because they allow me to be stuck in my head for a time and let go of whatever was bothering me. By the time I reach a destination or arrive back home, I’m no longer troubled by what I was before.

41. For shop assistants.

Although some can perceive them to be nuisances, they are a great help on finding what you need and what will be best for you. They prevent me from wandering the shop lost for half an hour just finding what I need, and ensures me that I’m over my social shyness.

42. Nature.

Seeing a fox is an amazing experience even if it doesn’t sound like much. It makes me realise that there is such diversity and such complexities out there that can be explored.


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