Forbidden lover

What can be done when you fall for a guy your parents will never approve of. What can you do when he is all you want and all you think about day and night. Wallahi This is based on a true story. And the story of Many Muslim Somali girls out there..enjoy the read.lots of love xx


1. Wander

This is my story

I used to shop from local takeaway quite frequently. It wasn't really my decision moreover my mother,always insisting that I purchase meals for my younger siblings. At the time I had a crush on a classmate that I now know was a complete waste. He was such a douche,but me being delusional thought He liked me back .I would text him and he'll reply hours after sometimes days later,yet when i was around him in college he was always on his phone. Can't believe I was so stupid. What I am ashamed of most is that because of the heartache,I've gone completely off any guy of the same race as him. Anyways let's get back to the takeaway story. So... I would go buy several meals from this shop ,always on my phone too occupied with the "douche" and listening to my music. One day the owners son began working there and soon began to tease me. I would walk into the shop and he would guess my order seeing I was a regular customer. I would blush a little and correct him when he was wrong. Truthfully I liked his humour but at the time I was head over heels over the so called "crush" that I never really took much account to him.until one day as I was coming home from grocery shopping I saw him... Believe this or not he was on my road. At first I was a little confused but soon came to realise that he lived in the same block as me. I put pn a brave face and carried on walking towards the steps, that's when he saw me and asked "you live here" and I replied with a raise of my head " yep,up there". The days went by and I was quite nervous to see him again.,we were neighbours?.heaven lord. i began being paranoid every time I went and returned from college I thought I needed to hide in case he would see me. One thing that I also couldn't handle was that I did not know his name. How on earth do you ask someone their name over the counter. "Oh can I order the chicken combo and your name please" sigh.i think us girls can relate with the feeling of wanting to see someone so bad but at the same time being a nervous wreck. The weekend was over and I woke up and got ready for college.left later than usual but still on time. As I left my road I saw a car parked and stupidly looked inside...were Mr takeaway was driving his little sisters. I swear to god the eye contact was tense,I. Felt my lips twitch but I soon saw one of the sisters eyeing me and skidded off to college . My mind racing with the memory of his gaze ,those eyes of his .. Dark and mysterious will be the death of me.

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