Forbidden lover

What can be done when you fall for a guy your parents will never approve of. What can you do when he is all you want and all you think about day and night. Wallahi This is based on a true story. And the story of Many Muslim Somali girls out there..enjoy the read.lots of love xx


2. Desire

"The lunch bell rang". Zara let's grab some sushi my best friend nags. I'm not hungry I yell. to be honest though I haven't had much of an appetite lately. My mind races back to his gaze. I swear I can't get him out of my mind. "You alright Zara" she asks. Yeah I'm good girl I answer. If only she knew.. I wish I knew what I was feeling. This guy had such an effect on me like a drug. I had to see him again I just had to. Just thinking of his presence gave me the shivers.holy shit. College soon finished and I rushed home for some reason . I went straight up to my room and collapsed unto my bed.i hadn't eaten all day yet I didn't feel hungry. He was playing on my mind like a broken record NON stop. That was it I said to myself I had to see him. I got some money out my purse got changed and got out the house. I walked to his takeout but as I was closing in on it my stomach began to flutter I was really nervous but it felt good at the same time. I walked inside trying my best not to trip over my feet. I looked up and my heart did a little disappointed beat. He wasn't there. I felt empty for some reason nevertheless I gave my order to his dad who was serving. As I was waiting for him to make my order I saw someone walking in through the glass window I swear to god I was hyperventilating. It was him. I didn't know what to do his father was there so I had to pull myself together. As he walked In he stared at me damn he was tall..I was kind of blocking his way so I mumbled sorry and tried to

move back a little. He smirked and brushed his thigh against me as he walked by.i gasped. Hope he didn't notice. My knees were weak. "What sauce would you like madam" I was in my own bubble "helloo" I quickly gazed up to see him smirking at me.. Mayo I stuttered I laughed quietly. I started fidgeting did he notice my  queasiness ? Where was his dad I wondered I felt very uncomfortable but ecstatic at the same time. "What drink would you like?" Ginger beer I answered. He looked at me and smirked. I swear to god all this smirking would be the death of me.." Ain't that haram?" It's not for me a quickly replied. Hold on why was I defending myself we both knew ginger beer is just a flavor and not actually alcoholic. Realizing this I smiled and asked " so why are you selling it then?" He smiled placed it on the counter for me to collect then as I tried to take it he grabbed unto it too and replied "I won't be selling it " I blushed crimson he had hell of good humour. I tried to take it out of his hand and he just smiled and held unto it our hands were touching.. His dad was walking in and he quickly let go I grabbed the drink and smirked at him. That was a close one. As his dad was approaching the counter he gave me my order and said "good evening" "you too" I replied as I walked out the shop.

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