3 Good Things

This is for the '3 Good Things & Why' competition. You might get an insight on my life, along with some other stuff. Honestly, there's no telling what I'll say in here, but it won't be bad, trust me! ;)


8. May 8th, 2016

Ok, here I go! :)


1. The poundcake was extremely good! It was incredible! It was so moist and had so much flavor!!!


2. My Mom...

My mom has played a huge role in my life, I don't know what I'd do without her.

Back in 2010, me and my family were camping.

Well, the doctor that had checked her out before we left to go camping said it was kidney stones...

After a few days, daddy rushed mom to the emergency room...She almost died.

It was an Ovarian Tumor the size of a football and it had burst!

Thankfully, one doctor and God saved her life!

I am so tremendously blessed to have her here with me in my life as many new things are taking place!!!

God truly has given me everything I need...He gave me parents who care, brothers, one set of grandparents and my niece and nephews!

I'm blessed beyond belief!!!


3. Last day of being fifteen...

At 8:43 A.M. tomorrow morning, I will be turning sixteen years old.

I'm excited, yet scared. I'm getting older and soon I'll have to move out....As much as I look forward to it, I can't help but dread it because that means leaving my parents....

It's a hard thing to think about and I wish I were little again, but we all grow up, we all get older and we all must come to the reality that we can't be like Peter Pan...Even though I've always wanted to explore Neverland!


So yeah, that's my 3 Good Things about today...Hope you liked them.

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