3 Good Things

This is for the '3 Good Things & Why' competition. You might get an insight on my life, along with some other stuff. Honestly, there's no telling what I'll say in here, but it won't be bad, trust me! ;)


7. May 7th, 2016

Forgot to update this yesterday, but don't worry, I will now.


My 3 Good Things For May 7th was....



1. I made a homemade lemon/coconut poundcake for my mom for Mother's day.

She hasn't had a homemade one in a long time and so, I decided to surprise her with one.

Well, it was my first time making one...

But, it came out of the pan perfectly!


2. I got to spend time with my nana and papaw!

I haven't seen them in a while.

Basically, there were some family issues, not with them! But with my oldest brothers girlfriend whose been living with him for about five years or so now.

They come down there every Saturday and Sunday when my nana is off...

I've forgiven her, but she still needs to say 'I'm sorry'. (Which she'll never do...)


3. My friend got out of the hospital!

My best friend (who literally lives only a few footsteps away from my house!), is a diabetic.

She got really sick the other day and was put in the hospital for Diabetic ketoacidosis.

She really scared me, but she's doing a ton better now!

I'm so glad that she's out of the hospital and I hope I can see her tomorrow!

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