3 Good Things

This is for the '3 Good Things & Why' competition. You might get an insight on my life, along with some other stuff. Honestly, there's no telling what I'll say in here, but it won't be bad, trust me! ;)


3. May 3rd, 2016

Today was kinda long and such, but here are 3 Good Things about today...

1. The azaleas that I was talking about at the produce stand the other day, I don't have to carry them anymore.
Now, we have a lot to put them in so that I don't have to pick those heavy things up to put them inside or outside every day!
My mom can't pick them up, because she tried one day and her side started hurting her...
So today we tried using a dolly to get them out easily.
Well, mom had everything out when I finally had pushed the last flower outside!
Thankfully, I won't have to do that anymore.
Of course, I may have to carry one or two, but now twenty or anything like I had to before!

2. I've gotten to write about three or four more chapters to a Fan-Fic that I'll be posting soon.
This one really has inspired and intrigued me so much!

3. My Daddy's Truck.
So, dad came to the produce stand today with the lot. (It's actually a dog lot, but that's what we put the flowers in at the produce stand now!) He has a small, and I mean small, Toyota truck.
In a way it reminds me of a snake or something, I don't know, but anyway, he had the lot on the back of his truck.
As he pulled into the parking lot, it looked like the truck had wings! XD
It was so funny that my mom, me and a lady named Elaine(Who comes into the produce stand alot!) laughed!
I love, love, love it!!!!

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