3 Good Things

This is for the '3 Good Things & Why' competition. You might get an insight on my life, along with some other stuff. Honestly, there's no telling what I'll say in here, but it won't be bad, trust me! ;)


1. May 1st, 2016

3 Good Things About Today....

1. The Smell Of Rain...
Today, it rained and with the fresh, new, green leaves on the trees, it sort of looks like a rainforest. The cool, dampness of the air is an incredible feeling that I've so dearly missed. I'm so glad that Spring is here and everything is being brought back to life from the cold Winter that made everything dead.
Winter isn't a season I hate, but it's weird when things are gone and then suddenly are brought back to life again.
The smell of rain is so refreshing and I love going outside after it showers just to smell it and be refreshed by it.
It's a feeling that's quite hard to describe....

2. The Leaves...

Green seems to be all around me, but I don't mind, I've missed it.
It's so incredible how all of the leaves weren't even here about a week ago and now, they're all around me.
The gentle breezes that will sway through them in the Summertime, making a brushing kind of sound will be something that I won't want to let go when it's time for them to fall again...

3. The Fog...

So mysterious and enchanting, it seems to draw me in and grab my attention from any direction.
Sometimes, it covers the mountain across from us, hiding everything and making it look like theirs a huge drop off right behind our neighbors' house.
Right now, it's sort of like a hazey kind of fog, but it's beautiful and makes everything look tropical...It almost reminds me of the movie 'Tarzan'.
With the birds chirping, the leaves, the smell of rain and the fog, it seems so much like a rainforest..Actually, it kind of is.
Where I live, in the mountains, we get a lot of rain. (And I mean alot.) But I like the rain, so I'm fine with it. So as I sit here typing my 3 Good Things for May 1st, 2016, I look out around me and try to take everything in...There is alot more good things about today, but these are just three of them.

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