3 Good Things

This is for the '3 Good Things & Why' competition. You might get an insight on my life, along with some other stuff. Honestly, there's no telling what I'll say in here, but it won't be bad, trust me! ;)


11. May 11th, 2016



1. So today I got off early and that was a blast! I actually had some things I had to do, but I didn't mind! :)


2. My mom brought home Bojangles and that's like my favorite restaurant! Of course I have many other favorites too, but I really like this one.


3. More good news today!!! I can't tell you about it because I want it to be a surprise, but it was incredibly good news!!!


I know I haven't explained much today, but please don't hate me for it, I'm a busy person and right now, I'm especially busy...

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