Three Good Things

3 things I am thankful for each day of May


5. 04,05,2016

“If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness.

It will change your life mightily.”

- Gerald Good



Today was a hard day but I found I had loads to be thankful for:


1. I have an AWESOME support group! My flat have decided that this semester I am going to be the one they pick on – mature I know, so today they made me cry just before class, and the reaction of my class mates was heart-warming! There were lots of hugs and words of encouragement, and plenty of offers to stay at other people’s houses if things got too hard, which was lovely. But of course my mum – as always – was my biggest supporter in this, who knows everything that has been going on, and is trying really had to help me be the better person. I don’t know what I would do without these people, especially my mum – without her, I’d be lost.


2. I had a chance to get a lay in again before my 2-hour dance class, but also managed to get my washing done, read and relax today too, so a productive day was had. I love feeling like I have accomplished something in a day no matter how small because I know it all adds up.


3. I had the most amazing skype date with my boyfriend who lives 150 miles away from me. It’s the first one we have had since I came back from visiting him and have sorted my head out. It was so incredible!! I loved every minute. I am so lucky to have such an amazing, caring, honest boyfriend, who knows how to put me in a good mood no matter the day I’ve had.

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