Three Good Things

3 things I am thankful for each day of May


4. 03,05,2016

“Could we change our attitude, we should not only see life differently,

but life itself would become different”

- Katherine Mansfield



Today was a late day because it was my friends birthday so we went out!


1. Today I had my first proper lay in – until 10 in the morning !! This is so rare for me, mainly because I’m not a big lay in person, I hate wasting the day in bed, but every so often I like to just sleeeeeeeeep!! I then proceeded to have a very busy day, but relaxing in the morning was great!!

2. I had a bit of retail therapy and bought some new clothes for when I go off to camp America in 26 days!! I had lovely time to myself and found some lovely things. I also went food shopping and bought all the lovely fruit I have been craving and came home to make a delicious smoothie :D

3. I have the most amazing friends and I  got to spend a lovely night out with them, I managed to let my hair down a bit and buy drinks which is VERY unlike me, but it was super fun and I got to dance the night away with some of my closest friends!! 

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