Three Good Things

3 things I am thankful for each day of May


3. 02.05,2016

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude”

- Cynthia Ozićk


Today I am grateful for:


1. The walk to work I had this morning, it was warm enough outside that I could enjoy the scenery without thinking about how cold I was. I noticed the blossom trees on the university campus, the fact that the grass has grown an inch or 2 since the last time I had a chance to notice it. It was so nice just being able to notice the little things that I very rarely take the time to notice.

2. The customers at work who smiled and chatted to me asked me how my day was going. One woman who stood out to me was a non-English speaking person, she was so grateful to me and was telling me that I was so nice and my name was lovely and made me feel so happy.

3. The fact that I had a really nice shower after an awful walk home in the rain, I was cold and wet, I got back and my roommate wasn’t in which was a pleasant change and I could get a nice peaceful warm shower and didn’t have to rush or panic about anyone coming back into the room.

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