Redwood Academy: Counting Strides

Redwood Academy, the top boarding school in America, is home to aristocratic students and has an elite equestrian team. When Marleigh Hunter is invited to try out for the team, she realizes it isn't all that it's made up to be.... What happens next? Read to find out!


3. How do you do?

The room wasn't just beautiful, it was marvelous. I sat on the bed that hadn't been taken, its cleaned to perfection lilac blankets and white sheets probably had a thread count of like- a million. It had mocha colored walls that matched with everything in the room.

     "Marleigh! We're leaving!" My mother said waking me from my trance.

         "We want you to try your best we'll see you tomorrow." My father said, hugging me.

After they both said their goodbyes, I was able to explore the academy on my own. I slid off the bed, my sneakers squeaked on the polished hardwood floors and my jeans scraped unpleasantly against the bed. As I was opening the door, another girl came stumbling in, knocking me to the ground.

          "Oh my i 'm so sorry." She apologized. She continued to mumble out apologies, having no mercy on herself.

She helped me up.

       " It's okay." I replied. She smiled.

        " I'm so clumsy." The girl complained under her breath.

"I guess you're my roommate for the next few days ?" I questioned.

   "Um-yeah I guess." She said awkwardly. I looked at the way she was dressed red,blue, and green plaid skirt, color coordinating polo, high socks, and flats. Her outfit was kind of outdated with the prep girl tucked in shirt look. I guess she was trying to fit in with the wealthy students, but you could definitely tell she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth.




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