Redwood Academy: Counting Strides

Redwood Academy, the top boarding school in America, is home to aristocratic students and has an elite equestrian team. When Marleigh Hunter is invited to try out for the team, she realizes it isn't all that it's made up to be.... What happens next? Read to find out!


2. First Impressions

         The car rolled to a stop in the large parking lot of the academy. With glee, I grinned looking at the tall,stately, and dark brick building , which was the main building that held state-of -the-art (like every other building) classrooms. "Marleigh." Called my mother, her voice interrupting my daydreaming.

"Uh-yes." I replied half-stunned.

"Help us get these bags to the dorm room." She told me.

With that, I hopped out of the old van that was a piece of trash amongst the shiny Mercedes' and BMW's.

I marched to the dorm buildings, my parents trudging languidly behind. Unlike me, they weren't "dying" with excitement. We arrived, me practically shaking with excitement and my parents sweating from the journey to the buildings. We were greeted by house-mothers with cheesy smiles and ugly dresses that were clearly purchased at the

dress barn. They handed me a slip of paper that read: dorm: Carole room:116 . The dorms were named after three alumni that had achieved excellence  (Carole, Lucy, and Georgia). 

I glanced at the paper and began another march to the room.

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