Redwood Academy: Counting Strides

Redwood Academy, the top boarding school in America, is home to aristocratic students and has an elite equestrian team. When Marleigh Hunter is invited to try out for the team, she realizes it isn't all that it's made up to be.... What happens next? Read to find out!


1. Invited!

           The summer had started great. As usual, there was an abundance of blue ribbons, elegant, braided horses, and hunter/jumper shows. That was how it started until.... One day, there was an unanticipated letter for me- in the mail. It was from the most elite boarding school in the country, Redwood Academy. Only the best of the best could attend. It read:

          1176 Beverly Avenue

           Aiken, North Carolina


         Dear ms. Hunter,

            You have been invited to try for a scholarship to Redwood academy on account of your excellence in the

          equestrian show ring. You are expected to attend a show at our campus and arrive at 9 o'clock sharp so we can further asses your potential and  make a decision on the recipient of our scholarship.



                                                                                                                               Thomas Caldwell



             When I finished reading, I squealed with delight, anticipating my adventures at the esteemed boarding school.

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